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Video Courses
Interactive lessons that cover all the money making skills needed for telesales
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Unlimited access to training modules and sales tactics available through TWG Training
In-house Coaching
Access our modules to help your perfomance and make the most out of your calls

What this training platform will offer you.

The Wine Group pride itself on not only on the quality of products we are selling, but our internal sales training.

Our goal is to train you into being the best salesperson that you can be, and with all the modules and scripts being easily accessible and right at your fingertips - we believe you will be there in no time.

The Wine Group is the single largest collection of best-in-class training on:

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TWG Training and Induction Platform are easily accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers... So no matter where you are, you'll be able to access your onboarding documents and your training modules at the click of a finger. Designed with your convenience in mind, you'll always have quick, mobile-friendly access to all necessary information.

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For 6 years The Wine Group continues to remain in the top 3
independently owned wine retailers in Australia, providing a,
stapled service of excellence. With our in house training and
coaching, along with the script platform that we have designed -
making sales have never been easier.
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